Our Culture

The culture of the company, it is said, reflects the personality of the company. Company culture, besides defining the environment, ambiance also include other key elements such as the vision, mission, values, ethics, goals, and objectives.

CriticalRiver is an all-inclusive company that encompasses all these holistic elements and provides a congenial work environment for our employees, replete with freedom to discuss, debate, dissent and work together as a team to deliver cutting edge, technology-powered solutions that our clients are proud of. We hire, train, nurture and unleash our best workforce to deliver the best.

Employees work at their optimum level and deliver the best when they enjoy what they are doing and we make sure we meet their requirements. Passion for work, compassion towards co-workers, a sense of belonging, the smiles and laughter go hand-in-hand making us a great place to work. Yes! We are certified as "Great Place to Work.

Our Values

We imbibe, believe and stand for these values:

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These values are at the heart of CriticalRiver. The founders, leadership team, and all employees at CriticalRiver vouch for it.

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