Electrical Engineering Services

CriticalRiver Inc., offers complete, comprehensive and turn-key electrical engineering services in the utilities industry. We offer wide spectrum of electrical engineering services such as project management, planning, engineering and design services to electric utilities.

Engineering Services:

We offer complete Electrical Project Engineering, Estimating and Scheduling for New Installations and/or Modifications of Existing Systems:

  • Distribution/Transmission Planning and Design
  • Auto/PLS CAD Design
  • Pole Loading Analysis
  • New Circuits
  • Joint Use Services
  • Engineered Structure Design
  • Mapping and GIS Support

To achieve these objectives and deliver high-quality services, we've put-in place robust systems and procedures of global standards, leveraged state-of-art cutting edge technologies including specialized electrical engineering design software, trained, nurtured immensely talented and certified software, electrical engineering professionals.

As a part of our electrical engineering services, from inception to completion, we plan the entire life-cycle, which includes:

  • Understanding of the initial requirements
  • Field survey and analysis of region/location
  • Formulating the road-map plan such as:
    • Setting up a high-powered Analysts, Software Experts, Electrical Engineers
    • Identifying tools, software, technologies to be used and implemented
    • Build the design layout and take all stake-holders on board
  • NERC compliance, facility ratings
  • Thorough quality assurance, safety testing process completion
  • Implementation and delivery of the project
Pole Load Analysis

Our Pole Load Analysis is three phased:

  • Exhaustive pole load analysis
  • Formulate and deliver right-fit project implementation recommendations and suggestions
  • Post construction/implementation audits submission to all stake-holders

Our experts team of software, electrical engineers follow a thorough check-list of safety standards and globally accepted best practices for:

  • NESC and Utility compliance and verification
  • FCC compliance for tracking the dates
  • Follow the laid-out blue print for poles issues
  • Build, test, track, analyze all post-implementation audits reports vetted by experts

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