AI / Machine Learning

CriticalRiver has built the necessary systems, procedures, infrastructure, technical experts and tools & technologies to meet the growing demands of its clients. We help organizations solve complex business challenges by deploying cutting edge AI technologies to bring about digital transformation enabling process automation. The deployment is carried out on the cloud ensuring speed, agility, and efficiency.

We have experience in artificial intelligence-powered applications such as speech recognition, image recognition, chatbots, and sentiment analysis and self-driving cars.

Our AI / ML Powered solutions include:
  • End-to-end custom made chatbots applications development.
  • Sentiment based analytics applications implementation.
  • Predictive AI applications for agriculture industries.
  • AI powered tutor/assistant in educational institutions
  • Speech, image recognition applications
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Why CriticalRiver?
  • It impacts our clients business with improved operational efficiency with bare minimum human intervention with accuracy and agility.
  • High-powered analytical data dissemination across multiple data points empowers our clients to review, analyze and report data to make informed decisions
  • Continuous improvement process ensures flexibility for future AI-based systems integration making it robust and scalable.
Technology Expertise: Python, TensorFlow, Java, C.
Use Cases

End-to-End Insurance Policy Automation Drives Efficiency, Productivity

CriticalRiver's AI-based Virtual Insurance Agent Helps a Leading Insurance Company Automate Policy Buying System


Automated, Simplified Guests' Experience with AI-Powered Chatbot

CriticalRiver's Chatbot integrated with Amazon Alexa Enabled a Renowned Hospitality Client Automate Processes and Offer Superior Customer Service


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