Exponential Data Growth Tackled With Advanced Analytics.

You want everything. You get everything.
  • Want to automate CRM Analytics with Artificial Intelligence?
  • Are you looking at boosting growth and productivity across departments?
  • Do you wish to unlock hidden insights and trends in sales and product/service marketing?
  • Do you need to share results and findings at the multiple schedules to the different teams?
  • Need to get all this and more right now and on the go, being full mobile?
Welcome to the world of Einstein Analytics.

A growing business needs to stay on top of every possible trend there is – ones to follow, ones to lead, ones to avoid. No business can afford to make a mistake if they can help it. And the only way to ensure this is with Analytics. Back your claim with data, because data cannot lie. But manual interpretation and analysis of data can be manipulated. This is the challenge that’s addressed with Einstein Analytics.

Why Implement Einstein Analytics With CriticalRiver:
  • Utilize the most advanced analytics powered by artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Empower sales teams, customer service representatives, marketers, partners, and more with the insights and data they need to make every customer interaction meaningful.
  • Track performances with roles specific KPIs built in along with forecasts, pipelines and team attributes.
  • Understand and improve customer satisfaction, agent efficiency and channel optimization.
  • And all this in integrated with your fully developed and already functional Salesforce.
  • Access dashboard with advanced complex forecasting decision, simple sales forecasts all in one.
  • Automatically analyze billions of data combinations to surface predictive insights and prescriptive recommendations with the AI-powered Einstein Discovery.
  • Access experienced team who are solving problems and automating the analytics process.

Turn complex data into simple reports. It’s truly what your business needs. Download the whitepaper today or talk directly to an Einstein Analytics Expert today.

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Why CriticalRiver

Industry Experience

  • Energy and utilities, financial services, high tech industries, non-profit organizations, manufacturing and more.
  • Team consists of experienced consultants with operational experience in multiple industries
  • Constantly focused on how technology can improve your business
  • Always leveraging industry best-practices

Independent Thinking

  • Not affiliated with any software vendors
  • Maintains a technology-agnostic approach to ensure objectivity
  • Established proven and accelerated project methodologies
  • Constantly updating skills with extensive software research, reports, and thought leadership

Clients Are Priority

  • Comes with a liberal cancellation clause to maintain trust
  • 100-percent delivery satisfaction guarantee
  • Ensuring Measurable results and return on investment
  • Experts work on-site at client’s office. Experience with more than 50 implementations

Awesome Team

  • A global team of independent technology experts
  • Minds who created the technologies we now implement, and our clients now demand
  • Team-based and collaborative approach to solving your business needs
  • Mobile consulting team with international exposure