mSupplier - Revolutionizing mSupplier

CriticalRiver's mSupplier suite is a comprehensive, modular, source-to-pay supplier management solution for 100% of your procurement spend. Suppliers gain real-time access to purchase orders, delivery information and payment status with rich two-way collaboration to submit requests, ship notices, payments and profile data.mSupplier features include:

Self - Service Profile Management

Suppliers can maintain their profile including organization details, business classifications and payment information with banking details. Buying organizations can approve or reject these changes.

  • Maintain product catalogues online
  • Update delivery capacity and lead-time
  • Approved updates flow to the Approved Supplier List (ASL)
  • Informed decisions and sourcing allocations based real-time data
ERP Integration

Avoid duplication in entry and review of supplier information between mSupplier and your ERP application.

  • Easy migration of existing supplier records from your ERP system into mSupplier
  • SOA/XML-based integration adaptor enables integration of the data from and to any third-party ERP application
Supplier Evaluation and Scoring

mSupplier provides the ability to continuously evaluate supplier performance based on pre-determined KPIs. (e.g. %Acceptance, %Rejection, %Received Early, %Received onTime, % Received Late, %PO Cost Variance, Quality of Goods, etc.).

  • Individual PO scoring
  • KPI weighting
  • Supplier ranking
E-Sourcing Management

Purchasing, accounting, legal and suppliers can all exchange information, define requirements, negotiate terms and create final contracts through the mSupplier portal.

  • Increase the sourcing bandwidth of procurement professionals
  • Define and create RFP/RFQ/Auctions from predefined templates quickly and source to pre-approved suppliers
  • Evaluate suppliers based on predefined scoring methods
  • Enable suppliers to easily respond to opportunities published online
  • Maintain history of all supplier negotiations and contracts to create analytic reports on procurement KPI'S
Real-Time Tracking and Updates

Both buyer and supplier have immediate access to information needed to all contract, shipping,invoice, and payment information.

  • Real-time tracking of purchase orders,shipment details, item details, invoices, and receipts
  • View and manage supplier-initiated change requests
  • Pre-establish specific tolerances to automatically approve supplier requests
  • Automatic update of purchasing document with approved changes
  • Enter Advance Shipment Notices (ASNs) online to make sure you are prepared to receive shipments
  • Upload spreadsheets to create multiple complex ASNs for high-volume suppliers
E-Invoice Management

Suppliers can select purchase order lines, add attachments and update key information such as freight costs, tax, and other miscellaneous charges to easily create accurate invoices.

  • Invoices are automatically matched to open purchase orders, ensuring compliance with all policies and any exceptions are noted and routed appropriately
  • Payment status visibility for all invoices
  • Messaging module enables processing of invoice disputes
  • Reduction of calls to purchasing and payables departments
Integrated Collaboration and Notification

mSupplier contains a closed loop collaboration between the procurement team and suppliers to manage order changes and eliminate routine supplier enquires. Suppliers can post comments and questions about bids, purchase orders,invoices status which can then be addressed in real-time.

  • Real-time event notifications via an integrated communication framework using email and SMS push notifications
  • Discussion panels for interdepartmental collaborations email and mobile-based approval processes
Business Analytics and Reports

Superior business intelligence features allow you to measure supplier performance.

  • The mSupplier scorecard provides a one-stop location for relevant and reliable supplier performance information
  • Department-specific report categorization enables you to measure the supplier performance at a departmental level.
  • Supplier financial reports provide detail on invoice payment, cash flow, returns and advances
Portal Administration and Management

Easy-to-use initial setup and administrationscreens enable you to easily:

  • Define users, roles and access rights
  • Set up system preferences, email and SMS/payment gateway configurations
  • Publish organization-specific content like news, announcements and supplier guidelines.