mSupplier, a portal to Collaborate Buyers and Suppliers to achieve competitive cost through purchasing strategies and less overheads. mSupplier enables organisations to seamlessly integrate suppliers into procurement and purchasing cycle and improves operations efficiency. mSupplier enables to track complete supplier life-cycle including registration, purchasing, invoicing and payments No more buying multiple products to maintain Supplier Lifecycle, with the mSupplier potential Suppliers are ready to do business with you.


Why Supplier Portal Solution is needed?

With mSupplier, your suppliers gain access to a secure, integrated work area that provides full visibility to transactions, offers closed loop collaboration, and enables electronic invoicing. Instead of struggling with disparate systems, faxes, emails, or voice messages, suppliers can access a secure work area that provides a complete summary of all transactions that require attention. With just a few clicks, suppliers get the most current status of negotiations, agreements, purchase orders, advance shipment notifications, and invoices. By providing instant access to the most current information a, you can enable them to better serve your business.

mSupplier Portal makes it easy to expand self service to almost any supplier by providing an intuitive, browser-based solution. And it increases the variety of self-service transactions by providing a solution that is integrated across the entire source-to-settle lifecycle.

Supplier portal adoption directly influences the ROI of your current eInvoicing deployment plans. Many companies have multiple locations and to maximize returns you may want to make sure that the changes you are introducing shared and applied throughout your entire business system. Why is this so important? Well, the more suppliers you can motivate to participate and adopt the service, the higher the ROI will become eventually. That’s why it’s not a surprise that business entities regardless of their size or complexity are constantly looking for new ways to improve supplier adoption and participation.

Deploying a web-based invoicing tool will help suppliers manage their cash flow more efficiently, and it will reduce the amount of time and hassle associated with submitting invoices and communicating with your finance team. Additionally, when you give your suppliers the option to get paid early, your supply chain becomes stronger in a simple and an efficient way. Early payment financing is an excellent way for your suppliers to come up with an alternative to costly borrowing options. Suppliers can use this additional cash flow to grow, improve, and develop their business. Real savings, which can be beneficial to their entire company.